Lisa H.

Posted on Mar 31, 2016

Nancy has been my massage therapist for at least 12+ years. She has seen me through various sport injuries with a combo of knowledge, insight, professionalism, caring and humor. She has coached me through the injuries of my body and my mind. Nancy not only recognizes the physical needs, but when I was ready for it and open to it, she shared with me her insights into my emotional well being, as well. Nancy was always there for me, and never gave up on me over the years and through various injuries, weight gain, emotional upset and life in general.

My “massage therapy” with Nancy includes so much more than just hands on help ! She is very intuitive and knows when to offer an alternative to expedite the healing process. The mind is such an important part of physical well being. Nancy has a gift (along with untold hours of experience) in being able to hone in on the real issue at hand, physical and emotional. I feel extremely blessed to have Nancy in my life. What she has offered to me, during our sessions, has been life changing for me. Not only has she helped facilitate my physical wellbeing, but she has helped me to see my self worth again, and regain my sense of balance emotionally, physically and mentally!”