41Yp2b+rO9L-1Nancy Says:

“This product is very effective and easy to use, and has given me ongoing support and relief from elbow pain .  I have suffered from tendinitis in my elbows from 25 years of competing at the elite level in bodybuilding, and doing years of strenuous therapeutic bodywork. I also recommend it especially for those using the computer, and physical work who are suffering from RSS (Repetitive Stress Syndrome).”


Manufacture Says:

This unique stretchable design makes the VictoryBand Tennis Elbow Support Strap less likely to irritate forearm muscles or cause nerve injury and is ideal for those who play tennis, as well as golf.  Square Hit Tennis VictoryBand relieves pain in the elbow during work or play and ideal for those suffering from tennis elbow. A stretchable design helps to reduce forearm numbness and easy to use. To use:  1. Make a fist to locate your forearm muscle 2. Slide bottom of the “V” up your forearm to the base of the forearm muscle 3. Relax the fist and push the base of the “V” up towards your elbow 4. Tighten strap to be firm but comfortable.




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