Foam Roller

Nancy Says:

“I like it in because it is breaks up deeper, more stubborn muscle fibers and connective tissue, and it is very effective for pre and post workouts to warm up the muscles before a workout which will increase blood flow, and also detox and facilitate muscle recovery post workout.

A Blue rumble roller is intermediate pressure and best to use after using the traditional smooth roller for awhile, the black rumble roller is 36% firmer than the blue roller and recommended AFTER using the blue rumble roller.”


Manufacture Says:

A Rumble Roller is used much like a “human rolling pin” that has tread like nobs that mimic thumb~like pressure in order to break up knotted muscle fibers, decrease muscle tension and reduce tightness. This roller is much more spot specific than the traditional smooth roller.
RumbleRumble Roller products are carefully engineered to:

  • Stimulate deeper layers of muscle tissue
  • Stretch your muscle and fascia in multiple planes
  • Concentrate massage pressure to more reliably enable autogenic inhibition