Rumble Roller Beastie

Nancy Says:

“I like it because it is much more effective with its multi-spike nobs that penetrate connective tissue deeper and with a pin~point target that is better than tennis balls or lacrosse balls, into the glutes, bottoms of the feet, achilles & calf tissue, along with triceps, and rotator cuff attachments.

I recommend this  easy to use and travel with tool due to the versatility and stability it provides especially when using the ball so it stays on specific points of concern without rolling off.”


Rumble Roller Beastie“Rumble Roller Beastie Series products expand the Rumble Roller experience to provide more intense, versatile, portable, and affordable massage options. The Beastie is an aggressive massage ball that is the heart of this series. Beasties Series products do not replace the Rumble Roller, but they are more specific in purpose. Use them to dig deeper into a troublesome area, or to work with greater detail on smaller muscles.”


Manufacturer Says:

The Rumble Roller Beastie is a firm ball with spikes that self massages stubborn spots (white is less firm than the green beastie ball). It also has a stand for the ball to stay put while you use it in hard to reach areas.