On a Roll

Nancy Says:

“A picture speaks a thousand words and that is one of the main reasons I recommend my clients purchase On a Roll @Home booklet. This easy visual how-to -use guide  is easy to use and train new users on how to use the rollers, and educate about the benefits of regular body maintenance by using the rollers. It is well illustrated and written by Donna Gambino, a licensed Physical Therapist/Pilates Instructor with extensive experience in orthopedics and fitness.”


Manufacture Says:

On a Roll @ Home guides you through over 50 exercises safely and with care. Whether you are in need of a hard-core abdominal workout, seeking that perfect stretch for tight neck, shoulder and leg muscles or yearning for a feel-good massage, the foam roller does it all. You can keep the roller in the living room, store one in your car and don’t forget that it fits nicely in the airplane overhead bins.
This easy-to-use and easy-to-follow foam roller exercise guide will take anyone from the beginner exerciser to the advanced exerciser through a challenging and beneficial workout. Donna has used her expertise in the field of orthopedic physical therapy and Pilates to give simple instructions with fine-tuning and precautionary tips. The quick reference nature of a printed manual is a real advantage for those users who are on the go or are just in need of an exercise guide reference rather than the more complicated process of watching a DVD. Physical therapists in the clinic will love this book to offer to clients as a helpful and safe home program. A must-have for the person new to foam rolling !”

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