NaIdson Muscle Roller Stickncy Says:

“A very easy to use muscle friendly stick used to relieve muscle soreness, cramping, tightness and poor circulation. I like it because it is easy to pack and travel with, user friendly and allows the user to control the amount of pressure needed to release muscle tension, promote blood circulation and faster recovery. I find it easy to use, more effective and travel friendly vs. cheap foam rollers which not everyone can get on the floor to use. It is also a great massage tool to provide deep, targeted massage for increased blood flow and faster recovery.”




Manufacture Says:

Idson muscle roller stickTunalt Fitness’ Muscle Roller Stick is the perfect, professional muscle roller stick to deliver targeted, deep massage! With an extra wide width and ultra strong spindle, and the Travel Massage Stick is designed to provide the deepest, thorough sports massage. It is perfect for all body use; whether easing soreness, tension and aches or massaging the neck, shoulders and lower back after yoga, or performing targeted, myofascial release for increased range of motion!