91c3TnJBngL._SL1500_Nancy Says:

“I recommend the Harbinger 140 Pro WristWraps for not only training but daily activities for individuals recovering from carpal tunnel syndrome, or other wrist/hand injuries who need support just doing everyday activities like yard and house work, or manual labor jobs. The wrist wrap keeps the wrist supported and neutral while doing physical activities, reduces friction and callouses.”

Manufacturer Says-

Durable leather fabric and open cell foam cushioning untie within the Harbinger 140 Pro WristWrap Gloves. Fully adjustable graduated fabric provides a pliable yet supportive weightlifting glove. Designed with double leather adorning the palm, maximum protection is afforded to the wearer without sacrificing your feel on the bar. Open cell foam cushions the palm and fingers simultaneously, whilst the ½ finger length construction increases contact through the lifting phase. Finished with double stitching incorporated throughout, durability is enhanced providing for a longer lasting glove.