Nancy Says:

“I have found the FlexBar to be one of the most effective and expedient ways to heal from repetitive stress injuries resulting in inflammation and tendonitis to the joints of the arm, wrist and hands.  I regularly recommend this inexpensive tool to utilize  throughout their preventive exercise routines, especially before injury!”


Manufacturer Says ~

The FlexBar is a  lightweight resistance exerciser that is easy to grip, portable and ideal for rehabilitating and strengthening hands, wrists, forearms, shoulders and elbows. Each bar is 12″ long, with resistance levels that increase with each of four available color-coded diameters. The product is an economical, simple tool for conducting a wide variety of exercises such as activity simulations, wrist abduction, thumb strengthening, eccentric twists, soft tissue manipulation and oscillation exercises. Proven effective for treatment of tennis elbow! Contains rubber.