2-in1 Gua Sha massage stoneNancy Says:

“I highly recommend the 2-in-1 Gua Sha Stone  to those who want to maintain a body that is supple and powerful. This unique stone tool can be either heated or used cold to relieve muscular tension and inflamation, along with break up myofascial adhesions and enhance flexibility.  Great for home use, or taken in your workout bag for use before or after workouts on targeted training muscle groups. Excellent for enhancing the warm up and workout phase in addition to reducing chance of injury.  The stone’s varying surfaces are crafted to etch around connective tissue attachments, and hard to reach areas like the back of the calves, achilles, feet, IT Bands, and forearms.” I also recommend the Gua Sha Guasha Pure Titanium scraping tool from Guasha Space for smaller areas of myofascial tissue..” – Nancy


 Manufacturer Says:

REDUCE MUSCLE PAIN AND IMPROVE MOBILITY: The uniquely designed 2-in-1 Gua Sha Massage Stone removes scar tissue and adhesions under the skin that are preventing muscle movement and blood flow.

HEAVY STONE MEANS LESS ENERGY FOR YOU: The Gua Sha stick is made with 100% Bian Stone which means it is heavier than those made with plastic or jade. It is also 5cm longer (17cm as opposed to 12cm) than most on the market which provides a substantial weight benefit. The heavier weight means you need to apply less pressure when scraping. This product comes with a “how to use Video” tutorial.


Guasha Space Titanium Gua Sha Tool.

Guasha Space Titanium Gua Sha Tool.