Nancy Jane Brigham Holistic Health PractitionerLocated in the San Francisco Bay Area, Nancy Brigham has been providing pain relief, wellness coaching and healing as a Holistic Health Practitioner since 1999. Since starting her career in 1988, Nancy has masterfully blended her talents as a therapeutic bodyworker, lifestyle coach, and fitness consultant helping others upon their path to wellness, and in facilitating their own healing.

Nancy educates her clients on how to apply self-health routines into their everyday lifestyles so they can feel self empowered, and proactive in their own healthy lifestyle choices. In addition to her professional practice, her experience as an elite international athlete gives Nancy a unique combination of personal and professional experience with repetitive injury, rehab, training, pain management and restoring balance in the body. Her talents are woven with a ‘Jack & Jill’ style combining her knowledge and strength, with her intuition and experienced hands-on-healing,  resulting in her clients experiencing prompt results with lasting benefits.

Her private practice is populated with clients from all walks of life including;  professional athletes & sports teams, children, seniors, weekend warriors, southern California surfers all the way to Silicone Valley high tech executives.  The Baby Boomer generation populate Nancy’s calendar the majority of the day. Most seeking relief from pain as well as a quest to live an active lifestyle for as long as possible despite age.  Well respected by her peers, Nancy is known as one who “walks the talk”,  not only as a person but as an innovative healer of the body, mind and spirit.  She is also known as the ‘healers healer’, or the one who other physicians and health professionals pursue for help with their own wellbeing.

In her private practice she offers therapeutic massage and bodywork, as well as online self-health videos, and self-help products for those seeking an extraordinary lifestyle that defies the limits of aging.  All of her recommended products she has either used for her own self-health care, and/or successfully recommended to others.